When will the mirror die?

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Your religion

Ontario Gone wrote:

Richard wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

I don't count LV on a DSLR as mirrorless because i personally prefer using a VF to shoot,

That may be true but mirrorless is declining and so are its followers, you would not be the average person.

Followers? you are far too personal in this dude. Either way, you are wrong. There was a time when HDTVs were not selling as well as standard rez, they didn't disappear did they?

Yes you are a follower. You come here telling us how mirrorless is better, how you prefer mirrorless. And how long it will take for DSLR to die and mirrorless replace it. It is your religion and you keep bringing it up. DSLR is not going to die, it is going to get better. But religion must spread the news the DSLRs are dying to prop up your hopes for the declining mirrorless market. Why do you care, shoot a mirrorless interchangeable lens, or fixed lens or phone. Shoot what you want, but why pread the dSLR is going to die? Because you are a zealot.

The sticking point is DR and response time, perhaps color accuracy, all of which will mature in time.

So you are saying EVF will get better.

Do you think it will stay exactly where it is?

No, but my point was it is illogical to say mirrorless will get better and in the same breath say Live View will stay exactly where it is. Nikon and Canon will only make LV better.

Tell me this, how are Canikon going to improve the OVF in today's cameras?

Make them smaller and lighter. Like the SL1. They just need to make a FF that is smaller and lighter for those wanting that. This will improve OVF shinking size and making lighter.

I can tell you exactly what will improve in today's EVFs and everybody knows it will happen.

I can tell you that if there is a market for smaller and lighter aps-c or FF. Nikon and Canon will produce it.

LV autofocus today is far behind mirrorless

But it is not.

Show me one DSLR that can match an EM1/5 or a GX7/GM1?

If that were true  that mirrorless cameras are better than these dslr, they would be out ahead in sales they are not. Pros would use these, they do not. The majority of people would want them, they do not.

Low light sensitivity is far behind, lock speed is far behind. I have a camcorder that crushes 99% of all DSLRs in LV, and yes that camcorder uses CDAF.

LV is a new feature for DSLRs, it will only get better. Camcorders have been using on sensor AF for as long as I can remember.

and it will stay that way because LV is not the main usage of DSLR users.

So you are saying EVF will get better, but LV will not. This is illogical. LV will get better, it will be at the same level as mirrorless given time.

First of all, the EVF has nothing to do with the LV autofocus speed,

First, with the mirror, the DSLR is faster and better in AF and in LV it will only get better it is the best of both worlds.. it is not "...less". But you can't admit this because your religion says mirrorless is the only viable system available. DSLR is still the leader, and mirrorless is in decline. The more you understand this fact, the louder you scream mirrorless is better and DSLR LV cannot get any better. That is because if DSLR got as fast as mirrorless in live view and shrunk the size, it would be the final deathblow to all these arguments (not necessarily a deathblow to mirrorless, as long as you zealots are around, someone will have to produce a mirrorless camera even if it is only a niche market, talking about mirrorless interchangeable lens.

DSLR LV will never keep up with mirrorless,

Really, again this is your religion talking, is this some sort of prophesy? Just as your question how long dslr will take to die. It will never die as long as there are DSLR lenses around.

So, devs don't bother jacking up the cost by offering the same tech in LV, except for perhaps Canon on some models.

LOL. Illogical. The logical progression is they will all get better.

Now you are trying to speak for camera companies. It's not about getting better, it's about what they decide to put into a camera.

No, it is about Canon and Nikon improving LV so that their customers will have no desire to move to mirrorless.

One of the problems is Canikon both have legacy lenses that were not designed to AF in LV. It will take time for them to improve this. Canon has already come out with a different type of lenses to help LV performance.

At this time, but your assumption that Canon and Nikon will just sit around and wait for other companies do bury them. The opposite is more likely. Nikon and Canon will improve LV and bury the competition, or if they cannot do that which I doubt, they will offer both mirror and mirrorless.

If Canikon keep improving that LV to the extent you describe, it will eventually be better than their current mirror system. If that's the case, i am buying Canikon. Unlike some people, i could care less the brand, i want better technology.

Canikon will also have to reduce size to attract people that want ligther and smaller cameras, A A7r with a mirrorbox. You have to understand, I have Canikon lenses, I am not going to sell them and jump to another format or mirrorless unless it proves it is substantially better for me to take a hit selling my old gear. There is nothing like that available in mirrorless.

When the mirror is moved out of the way, it is mirrorless, the AF, monitoring, AE is all done on sensor realtime.

Have you ever used a sony SLT or MFT camera? If you think all DSLRs behave exactly the same as those you are woefully ignorant. You need to try out different things before forming your opinions. There is more to LV than just moving the mirror out of the way.

I have test drove a number of different cameras including mirrorless ones. There is nothing available in mirrorless that would work for my shooting, mirrorless cameras are too primitive and lack lens choice and a host of issues.

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