If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Waiting for a while, good tbinking, EricN2

ericN2 wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

Not i. The GM1 is cute but not special. Its novelty will soon fade.

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It is not "novelty" that sells the GM1 but the fact that big m43 IQ and capability are offered in a very small, handy package you can fit into your pocket. Everyone on this forum has a bigger m43 camera; they are not buying the GM1 as a replacement but as a complement to and extension of their current outfit.

That is why I bought it and how I have started using it. It will go everywhere with me, whether or not I am carrying and using the bigger camera (now a Panny G6).

I am told - by someone on here for whom I have the highest regard in respect of opinions on the merits of many different cameras, that the GM-1 is indeed an exceptionally good camera of the type .. and as it is of course essentially in the M4/3 style/type.. for which I am well enough experienced by now and for which I have my own well preferred lenses.. it is without doubt a camera not to be lightly written off.

BUT .. is it TOO small for handling comfort ?
Since in the immediate or indeed foreseeable future I have NO means at all of actually seeing the GM-1 or handling one … so I have no chance right now of making sure that my reasonably large sum of money to buy one is indeed going to prove worthwhile... as mentioned in another post - for the benefit of such as US readers - the GM-1 WITH the 12-32 lens, costs here a minimum of =$950 ...that's a big amount to gamble on.. I think I'll simply wait and see if I can get one at a more realistic figure AND maybe when they do start to sell as a body only. It makes more sense...

Eric, this sounds like a good approach. The price definitely has to come down just in the normal course of things. Panasonic currently is enjoying a wonderful honeymoon period with this camera -- here in Australia, it is selling like hot cakes at $800+. I expect the high price that goes with the introduction of a new camera is going to last quite a time with this little gem because it is a little gem and many, many current m43 owners are going to buy one to complement their systems and many others are going to be introduced to m43 through it.

But eventually the price will come down and since you are happy with your current equipment, it would be silly to rush in and buy it sight unseen (well, plastic and metal unfelt!).

I have to say that like you, I have the greatest respect for the Panny f2.5 14mm lens and have been using it as my "standard" (with the 40-150 in my pocket) for a long time. I've done some very good work with it and will be keeping it.

BUT I also have to say I am not sure how much I will use it. I think not much. I have the newly acquired 12-35 on the newly acquired G6 and the 12-32 on the newly acquired GM1. I am very pleased with the performance of the 12-32; after just a few days with it, I am pretty sure the 14 won't be getting much work in the foreseeable future.

I do like the significantly increased field of view of the 12 compared with the 14 too.

I also suspect that the 12-32 is set to become one of the highly valued kit lenses like the Panny 14-45, so it will be a useful investment because it will be saleable at a good price if you don't like it.

Cheers, geoff

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