Snowy Owl from this morning

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Re: Snowy Owl from this morning

Flying Fish wrote:

Great shot, and I'm very envious. Here is one I took in Maryland, in the United States, this past December, with my Canon 7D and more than $13,000 (US) worth of optical equipment, none of it mine; a 600 mm f/4L IS II and a 2X TC III; I took the shot at f/13. Obviously heavily cropped, so you can imagine how far away the bird was...

That's one expensive photo! I'm sure you were wishing you could be closer...   I prefer this photo over the first one in this thread because it appears much more realistic and is a typical scene observed around here, rather than an owl flying closely by the photographer for no apparent reason.  They rarely listen to my mind control thought waves and anytime I approach them and invade their space, they immediately leave the area in the direction that produces tail shots.

Another typical scene here in Alberta is observing them camped on top of a grain bin just as the sun is starting to pack it up for another day.

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