Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

Colin Smith1 wrote:

I know I still value the low light, high ISO of my Canon full frames and the high quality of the lenses, not to mention the obvious advantages of an optical viewfinder in low light or fast movement.. As a wildlife photographer nothing offered to date can match the tracking AF of my 5D III, certainly not the OM E1 or the Sony.

As a long-time Olympus shooter and owner of their final DSLR (the E-5) and IMO their best lens (Zuiko 300mm f/2.8)  I have to say that the big advantage of the 2X crop 4/3 format is the reach. And the E-5 was about as rugged and weather sealed as a DSLR could get, and just the right size to match the 3.2Kg lens, but its low light performance was so-so, and continuous-AF poor.
Like many I was anxiously waiting for the next Oly DSLR - one with the 16Mp sensor - but alas they have gone 100% mirrorless now with the E-M1 now the Olympus flagship. Yes, Its new 16Mp Sony sensor is a marvel and its noise and High ISO performance rivals my 5D3,  but the tiny size, electronic view-finder and 'almost good enough' AF with the 4/3 lenses would be a backward step for me. Had Olympus put that new sensor and 5-axis in-body stabilisation system into a new DSLR it would have been (IMO) the best wildlife platform out there.  I guess that increasing business losses and DSLR market dominance by Canon and Nikon forced their direction
I still shoot my E-5 and Zuiko 300mm/2.8, especially in good light and where I need the 600mm reach,  but I  won't be buying the new Mirrorless marvel.  Instead I got an EF300/2.8II with 2X for my 5D and my next purchase will probably be the 7D replacement (if/when) it comes.
As you say, the 5D3 AI Servo AF is hard to match, especially for BIF.


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