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I asked Imaging Resources if they could get some clarification from Sony over what the discontinuation of the NEX name means:

parallaxproblem 5 days ago

If you get the chance to speak with Sony, though I know they aren't on your list:

Can you ask them to please clarify exactly what the discontinuation of the NEX product name means to current NEX owners?

Is there any change of design 'concept' with the newly merged and renamed APS-C rangefinder E-mount models or are future releases likely to maintain continuity with the older NEX series?

Recent releases have seen the EVF position moved such that the bodies now have an 'SLR' type look rather than the NEX 'brick' style - has this become the new format for all E-mount bodies or are we likely to see both body styles in future?

Can Sony better explain what the naming of their bodies represents: ie.

Ax = Full Frame E-mount?

Axx = A-mount SLT?

Axxx = A-mount OVF (now discontinued)?

Axxxx = APS-C E-mount?

Do the numbers 3/5/7 and 9 still represent 'entry', 'mid-range', 'semi-pro', 'pro' respectively as they did with Minolta cameras or is there another convention now?

Could you also ask Sony why the NEX-5T wasn't finally called the A5000, even though test and early production samples of the camera seemed to carry that model name written on the body? This is a mystery as the newly released A5000 (second Sony E-mount camera to carry the name!) appears to be a NEX-3 replacement leaving current NEX-5 series owners like myself wondering what is going on. Thanks!


Its all here:



Point 1: we don't call them NEX, we call them ILCE (I guess that's FF ILCE and APS-C ILCE)

Point 2: the A5000 is the update to the NEX-3n. It is not a NEX-5 update. This implies that it is not a merge of the two series so a NEX-5 replacement is still theoretically possible

Point 3: Sony are still 'commited to A-mount'

Point 4: The NEX name was killed because it became 'too popular' (!) and people were referring to the cameras as NEX instead of Alpha. Sony were concerned that people 'wouldn't realise that there was cross-compatibility between A-mount and E-mount'. I kid you not, this is the direct quote:

"However, the NEX model name prefix seems to have grown in prominence, such that the general public refer to them as NEX cameras instead of Alpha cameras. And therefore there was some concern on our part that they might not be perceived as Alpha cameras.

The model name prefix started to segregate our E-mount cameras from our A-mount cameras," and that was never our intention.

There was also confusion about compatibility. The model name prefix had grown to take on all kinds of significance, and there was concern that consumers could easily misunderstand there to be a lack of compatibility between the two. Our A-mount cameras and E-mount cameras share many cross-compatibility characteristics, yet there was a perception that NEX and Alpha were somehow quite different."

It sounds to me that there was some internal company politics here and 'management envy' or something similar. I can't really accept 'too much public recognition' as a reason for dropping a brand name!

Why couldn't they have said this all three months ago? Well, a few points for finally communicating with us and lots of thanks to Imaging Resource for making them 'fess-up'

Now we have to see what the new APS-C models look like...

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