Can I set a default sharpening mode in DPP?

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Can I set a default sharpening mode in DPP?

First, a quick bit of background before I try to explain my problem...

Up til now, I've shot in RAW with a Canon 5D Mk1, and processed the photos using DPP. When I open the RAW images in DPP, they start out having the settings (WB, sharpness etc) as per whatever picture style I had set on the camera. So, in my case, I had the sharpening in the picture style on the camera set to say, 3, and when I open that RAW photo in DPP, the sharpness strength slider on the RAW tab is set to 3 also, so far so good!

I recently bought a Canon 6D, and in the course of getting acquainted with it, I upgraded my copy of DPP from whatever ancient version I had, to the latest available at the time (Version

I now notice that this newer version of DPP has a drop down box with two options for sharpening, on the RAW tab. One called "Sharpness" which does what I was used to before, and a new option called  "USM" (Yes, I know what it is and does). So, now, any 6D RAW file I open defaults to using the "USM" option, and any RAW file from my old 5D I open defaults to using the "Sharpening" option.

So, eventually my question! I don't like the "USM" option (looks over-sharpened to me), so is there any way to make it default to using the "Sharpness" option instead?
At the moment, I am having to manually change the options for each RAW photo I process in DPP from the "USM" to "Sharpness" option, and it is a massive annoyance! (I should note that, once I've selected the "Sharpness" option, the default strength it sets matches that set in the picture style on the camera, as I'd expect)

So, any help would be much appreciated,


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