Water droplets or Dust in picture ?

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Re: Water droplets or Dust in picture ?

bokke wrote:

Anyone able to help - see the attached picture. There are small "water droplet" markings on the picture (see top middle and also middle of beach)

They seem to be most noticeable at smaller apertures (f16 or higher)

I thought they may be dust - however I'd think dust would appear as black. Anyone have any thoughts / experiences to share.

Canon 5d mark ii

28-105mm canon lens



Hmm.. tricky to say.

In my experience, sensor dust is dark spots. Oil spots on the sensor were a dark dot in a 'normal' circle with a dark outter circle/outline, like a bulls eye.
Do you have this issue in other shots?

I don't know about canon, but on a Nikon DSLR I can rotate the lens a few degree's as though removing it and still take a shot.

If you can do this, fix a piece of blank white paper to the wall, put the camera on a tripod and take a shot at f16 (1). Next rotate the lens a few degree's and take another shot (2).
Now move the tripod an inch or so left or right. Again take a shot of the white paper as was done in shot 1 (3). Now take another shot in this new position, with the lens rotated a few degrees as was done in shot 2 (4).

The reasons for doing this?

Shot (1) To see if the 'marks' are also visible in the white paper image.

Shot (2) If the 'marks' have moved, then its a lens issue, not sensor. If the marks are in an identical place, its a sensor issue.

Shots (3) and (4) This is to make sure the marks your seeing are down to the camera/lens and not what are on the paper. If the marks in shot 3 are different to those of shot 1 then your seeing marks on the paper not the in the camera/lens.

...Its easier to do than it sounds

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