Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

audiobomber wrote:

photodog25 wrote:

In his case, maintaining a sufficient depth-of-field was a necessary factor for him. So, roughly, f2.8 on the EM-1 = f4 on the D7100 = f5.6 on the 6D to maintain equivalent depth of field.

So use the smaller aperture and just boost the ISO on the larger-sensored cameras. You will have the same amount of noise, and the same results.

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That is exactly my point. For a guy who doesn't care about thin depth-of-field, but just wants to maintain the same depth of field in his shooting, the large sensored cameras do not hold a great advantage and they are expensive and bulky/heavy.

Now the EM-1 wasn't inexpensive, but together with the 12-40/2.8, offered my friend the best combination of fast autofocusing, low-light ability, and image quality.

The OP asked to help him stay with Pentax. So, my response was not to blindly chose the largest sensor, but to evaluate your needs and make a decision based on how you shoot. If you want razor thin depth-of-field or own a giant assortment of existing film lenses, and want the very best possible image quality and you are willing to pay the big bucks, then choosing a full frame camera may be a good decision.

In my friend's case, he wanted decent low noise and dynamic range, fast AFS autofocusing in low light (EV 7 or 8), one fast normal focal length zoom lens that was sharp wide open, and his biggest possible print size he could ever see making was 11x14 inches. I think he made a great choice.

Choosing the biggest sensor is not always the best strategy and that was the point of my post.


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