Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Crop sensors are certainly obsolete

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

TheMeister wrote:

In the world of photography we refere to a sensor that is smaller than the standard 36x26mm as a crop sensor. Using the circular image directly from the lense is and never has been a standard. Lensmakers dont think of people using the circular image when they design a lens.

In the world of 35mm digital photography you are correct, but those are smaller sensors than the phase 1 cameras, for example, it's all relative.

Apc-s is not "slightly" smaller then a FF sensor. Its significantly smaller.
Tiny sensors weirdly turn wider angled lenses into portrait lenses.
The smaller the sensor - the more the image distortion and loss of light.

It is significantly smaller, but it is far from the "tiny" sensors of point and shoot cameras. There's nothing "weird" about the change in field of view, it's just a crop, but it doesn't change perspective, so wider angle lenses will still not be ideal for portraits.

In terms of distortion, it doesn't increase it, it decreases lens distortion from the same lens if shooting equivalent images, because you are getting only the center portion of the projected image and distortion tends to be worse towards the image. You are gathering less total photons though.

Obviously sensors on compacts are really really tiny but theys till make decent pix. My compact from 2006 stills blows away any cellphone camera for some odd reason.

I didnt get across by what i meant in regards to distortion caused by crop sensors, so let me try again:

The distortion on the edges of the frame that you mean is part of the lens-character. Especially with protraits this is very important to compress the background and make the subject look more flattering. Wide angles do the opposite and they are supposed to.
Like you wrote: the little sensors only display the center of the lense. This alters perspective and thats what i meant.

Sure people try to compensate for example by using a 35mm as a 50mm and so on. Nevertheless this is just an attempt to duplicate the character of the real FF.
So again: there is just no reason whatsoever to prefer a crop other then budget. And we all understand that and thats why they tried so hard to make excellent aps-c cameras.

But with FF becoming available they will become obsolete quite fast.

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