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Re: Rubbish forum set up

Braud Michel wrote:

Before one clic on a camera and I could read the review of that camera.

Now you can clic a hundred times on the "review button" you never make it there.

Really?  You need to click more times to get to the full review but I've never failed to get to one.  Are you sure you've read the pages correctly.

Actually I am unable to read a review now. Wasn't it the main purpose of this site in the first place?

Yes, it was and still is the main purpose but, as I said, there is no review I've tried to read and been unable.

It's always the case, to "make it new", and nobody cares, they spoil the all thing.

With the older system you might get to the review faster but then you had to go to the end to get the summary: fine if you wanted the full review but a nuisance if you wanted a quick look for a first idea of a camera.  Now it's the other way round: you start with the quick summary, which suits a lot of people.

Or say you want to look just at the specs - which is, in fact, my most common reason to go to the reviews - and they are immediately accessible.

In the full reviews you can now look at the page thumbnails down the right and directly choose specific pages.  Again, that's faster than the old system.

So overall I prefer the new system.  I certainly don't think anything is spoiled.

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