Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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Re: It's an Art and Culture Problem, not an Equipment Problem

MarkJH wrote:

HappyVan wrote:

Speculating about a subset of camera design paradigms may be missing the larger point: it's not about cameras, it's about photography.

So, in the first place, cameras of any design that aren't connected and capable of publishing immediate results just don't have much of a role in our culture's expectations. And in the second place, those expectations have been shaped in such a way that they can't even imagine why a specialized camera might be necessary, or what it might do.

Right now, the various players in the photographic equipment business seems to be fighting over who'll have the honors of turning the light switch off as the last person to leave the room.


Anywho, with the state of the Photographic art as it is, we'd be pretty unrealistic to expect a camera architecture swap--SLR to mirrorless--to make much of a splash in the popular imagination. The culture is falling in-line with Marissa Mayer ("there are no professional photographers any more") and Apple (who promoted the iPhone 5S's camera by swapping it, in slides, with a complete EM-5 and backpack of lenses). As far as most people are concerned, everything we're talking about has been kludgy and irrelevant for some time.


Spot On, I'm afraid.  Traditionally configured camera systems address a workflow that has been marginalized to what I call the Fine Art, or Craft, niche of the market. Photography is indeed now another channel of spontaneous communication. In some ways I see the traditionally configured camera segment as appealing to those who appreciate the process of taking a photograph and is therefore filled with tool fancy - just like those who appreciate the process of driving like the more mechanical and involving experience of a "basic" sports car - even though most folks, even those appreciative of the mechanical experience, have moved on to automatics and find they don't necessarily miss the 3rd pedal.

Although I believe that mirrorless systems WILL take over the Craft niche of the market, it will be for reasons of manufacturing cost reduction and improvements in field reliability that will lower their after-sale costs. I wonder if ILCs as a class will continue to be vital if extremely capable fixed-lens large sensor compact cameras like the Sony RX-10 can be brought down below the $1000 price point. There simply isn't much left for an ILC to offer the average camera buyer at that point.

However, the camera to survive must be reimagined as an application serving the need of communication, not as an end in itself. Workflow is the key.

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