If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

PC Wheeler wrote:

Not i. The GM1 is cute but not special. Its novelty will soon fade.

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I am told - by someone on here for whom I have the highest regard in respect of opinions on the merits of many different cameras, that the GM-1 is indeed an exceptionally good camera of the type .. and as it is of course essentially in the M4/3 style/type.. for which I am well enough experienced by now and for which I have my own well preferred lenses.. it is without doubt a camera not to be lightly written off.

BUT .. there is always a 'BUT' when it comes to choosing ANYTHING ..be it a camera, a car or anything else... and I can't help but wonder if indeed what perhaps IS the main attraction of it right now .. the sheer modest size of it compared to almost anything of like type ..CAN become a big disadavantage.
Also having the Sony RX-100 could be a parallel to keep in mind. I bought one and indeed still accept and rate highly the quality of pic it will take..and I've had some excellent ones from that .. but the very first thing I did when I got it was to add a Leather Skin (Japan Hobby Tool' AND also buy the GARIZ half-case...those made it for me a different camera altogether..one which I can carry and feel VERY happy with. Is the GM-1 the same I wonder.. it seems to have as its main merit the smallness which still gives the excellent quality... but is it TOO small for handling comfort ?
Since in the immediate or indeed forseeable future I have NO means at all of actually seeing the GM-1 or handling one..I know of no shops within my available distance now that I can do this, as I've always done in the past (they've all closed down or packed in for various reasons) so I have no chance right now of making sure that my reasonably large sum of money to buy one is indeed going to prove worthwhile... as mentioned in another post - for the benefit of such as US readers - the GM-1 WITH the 12-32 lens, costs here a minimum of =$950 ...that's a big amount to gamble on.. I think I'll simply wait and see if I can get one at a more realistic figure AND maybe when they do start to sell as a body only. It makes more sense...

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