Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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"Olympus admits that its overseas marketing has been lacking so far." - Reuters: Sept. 10, 2013

Among other obstacles, unless they improve their marketing/advertising and product placement/visibility, their mirrorless cameras will only be popular in their local market.

Here in the USA, I don't know if I have ever seen an Olympus mirrorless ad, or an Olympus mirrorless camera on a store shelf.

They've recently had ads for the OMD system in the NY Times, but TV ads appear to have disappeared. Olympus also dropped their co-sponsorship of the US Open Tennis tournament (I always thought it was a strange to see Olympus ads in a venue with a bevy of pros capturing the action with their Canikons.)

So, if anything, I think their marketing in the US has decreased recently.

NY Times? Who reads newspaper anymore? Oh that's right, the 'DSLRs are too heavy' crowd. Great demographic targeting.

Nikon and Canon regularly have separate 4-6 page inserts in the NY Times (here in NYC)--much more extensive print advertising than Olympus or any other camera company.

As a funny aside, Willoughby's has been advertising the ultra expensive wooden Hasselblad cameras (adaptions of Sony mirrorless models) in both the Times and the Wall Street Journal for several months.  Despite being made fun of, it appears that Hasselblad may have been successful in targeting the ultra rich.  Could this be the one profitable market niche for mirrorless cameras.

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