Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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The irony is that ...

justmeMN wrote:

"Olympus admits that its overseas marketing has been lacking so far." - Reuters: Sept. 10, 2013

Among other obstacles, unless they improve their marketing/advertising and product placement/visibility, their mirrorless cameras will only be popular in their local market.

Here in the USA, I don't know if I have ever seen an Olympus mirrorless ad, or an Olympus mirrorless camera on a store shelf.

,,, Oly is withdrawing from North America where DSLR form factor is dominant. So, how to win over DSLR users when support is disappearing. Means that Oly is abandoning their American DSLR customers.

They are concentrating their efforts in Asia where the compact form factor is important. Wonder how they are going to get OM-D sales up?

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