If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: The 12-32 is the perfect mate.

ericN2 wrote:

You've brought to notice something I hadn't ever noticed.. I have (and ALWAYS now use..the Pana 14mm Pancake. It is my very firm favourite lens..it does everything I want.. gives me VERY good results in all conditions and there is nothing really that I feel I'd prefer OR NEED to use any different FL lens for.. It is of course very modest in size..I suspect LESS probably than the 12-32 .. and CERTAINLY of course it has no pop-out elements to make it bigger in use. Frankly THIS is my desired combination and whatever the merits of the 12-32, I just really don't see any sound reason to presume it would do better for me...

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Staffordshire, UK

The 14 is fractionally smaller than the 12-32.

I know I would miss the 12mm focal length, but it doesn't seem like you will and I'm not going to force my opinion on you. I can't argue with your shooting style. If that is your preferred FL then you would be well served by a competitively priced body only option. I guess "competitively" is the operative word.

If it were me in your shoes, I would gamble on a GM-1 with kit lens knowing with a fair amount of certainty that I wouldn't lose on selling the lens.  It is unlike every other kit lens in m43 and cuts through the swathe of 14-42s that noone wants.

I used to have a GX-1 that I rarely used.  The GM-1 is basically smaller and better in almost every performance aspect.  Where it may fall short is handling, battery capacity and a hot shoe.

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