Rumor time will start again...

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Re: Rumor time will start again...

Hello folks,

I have some very small rumors for you... Please take it with a big grain of salt

1. Today I called at a store to ask for release date of NX30 in Germany (actually it seems to be available beginning of March). The guy told me that in his own oppionion and what he heared so far that there is a chance that we will see a new NX camera in August/September right before Photokina. He told me something about higher than NX30, weather sealed, separate battery grip...

2. In the newest edition of a German photomagazin (fotomagazin) a Samsung guy reports that "the assortment of mirrorless system cameras  will be extendet with a new mount this year"

I'm not sure if there will be two higher cameras or just one.

my suggestion is that we will see a higher speced sealed APS-C camera otherwise the sealing of 16-50 F2-2.8 would be redundant. I'm not sure about a new mount... Maybe only if it can fit old lenses...

Maybe Jerry or some other guys can add some information shortly ?!

tell u later after i gather more info about it๐Ÿ˜

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