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Re: Condensation?

I have skied with cameras ranging from point-and-shoots, to a Canon 5D2 and MicroFourThirds. I just returned from a week of skiing in northern Vermont with the Fuji X-E2 in very snowy, icy, frigid, -10º to +10º F temps. The camera was under my ski jacket on a BlackRapid sling while I skied. We went inside and back outside multiple times during the day, every day with no fogging issues. Often the X-E2 was outside, unprotected, in the sub-zero (F) temps for an hour at a time. At one point, there was a pretty good layer frost forming on the body!!

I didn't have ONE SINGLE ISSUE with the body or lenses (14mm, 23mm and 35mm). Autofocus worked perfectly, metering was fine, no issues with the sensor or fogging. I took over 300 photos and 90% are keepers.

I did have either an ND or UV filter on the lenses at ALL times. This saved the 14mm when I crashed and the front of the lens got some snow on it! I simply blew the snow off and dried it with a Fuji soft lens pouch!

These are JPEGS using the Fuji ProNeg preset, -2NR, +1 sharpening. Lightly edited using Photoshop Express on an iPad Mini Retina.

Lift ride up Madonna Mtn., at Smuggler's Notch, VT

Rain at the beginning of the week followed by sub-zero temps turned the slopes into a virtual sheet of ice.

Top of the world. Madonna 1 Lift., at the top of Smuggler's Notch, VT.

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