If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: The 12-32 is the perfect mate.

g_r_w wrote:

I think you would be doing the GM-1 a disservice by not having the 12-32.

The GM-1's biggest selling point is it's size and by not mating it with a similarly small lens you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. You'll be wondering what the point of sacrificing handling to have a smaller body is.

You've brought to notice something I hadn't ever noticed..  I have (and ALWAYS now use..the Pana 14mm Pancake. It is my very firm favourite lens..it does everything I want.. gives me VERY good results in all conditions and there is nothing really that I feel I'd prefer OR NEED to use any different FL lens for.. It is of course very modest in size..I suspect LESS probably than the 12-32 .. and CERTAINLY of course it has no pop-out elements to make it bigger in use.   Frankly THIS is my desired combination and whatever the merits of the 12-32, I just really don't see any sound reason to presume it would do better for me...

I had a look at your gear list and only the 20mm makes sense - you might have an updated list?Have you handled one in person with other lenses on it? Even relatively compact lenses like the 25mm and Oly 9-18 are twice the size of the 12-32 when collapsed for transport.

I have the 12-35 and as a "compact" 24-70 fast lens, it looks ridiculous on the GM-1. It is actually a credit to Panasonic what they have managed to do with both the body and lens.

I don't know what your shooting style is, but I use the 12-32 mostly on the wide end, which fortunately is where it is fastest (and not that much slower than the 12-35). It is the only collapsible lens that starts at 12mm and it makes it significantly more useful than the other kit lenses out there.

I think body only would save a few bucks, but I don't believe the saving would be worth it.

I have of course looked at various quality Dealers and Sellers in UK and although as expected, there are small variations, this is no large sum between the main UK Dealers of quality and you may be surprised to hear that an average of £600 seems not that far from reality .. this ofcourse for the body AND lens.. that is almost unbelievably about $985 in current conversion...  !!!!
As maybe this shows..even allowing for a sale of the lens after purchase..  (and frankly the proven quantity of possible buyers at a decent price is a bit unknown).. it still leaves the BODY price very high indeed compared to what I see of such as US prices and quite honestly it does seem rather less attractive to me right now.

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