If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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The 12-32 is the perfect mate.

I think you would be doing the GM-1 a disservice by not having the 12-32.

The GM-1's biggest selling point is it's size and by not mating it with a similarly small lens you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot.  You'll be wondering what the point of sacrificing handling to have a smaller body is.

I had a look at your gear list and only the 20mm makes sense - you might have an updated list?

Have you handled one in person with other lenses on it?  Even relatively compact lenses like the 25mm and Oly 9-18 are twice the size of the 12-32 when collapsed for transport.

I have the 12-35 and as a "compact" 24-70 fast lens, it looks ridiculous on the GM-1. It is actually a credit to Panasonic what they have managed to do with both the body and lens.

I don't know what your shooting style is, but I use the 12-32 mostly on the wide end, which fortunately is where it is fastest (and not that much slower than the 12-35).  It is the only collapsible lens that starts at 12mm and it makes it significantly more useful than the other kit lenses out there.

I think body only would save a few bucks, but I don't believe the saving would be worth it.

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