NEX-6 vs. X-E2

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Re: NEX-6 vs. X-E2

mgn2 wrote:

Steve W wrote:

I have the X-E2 and looked at the NEX-6 when I bought my X-E1. The Fuji's now, with firmware upgrades support max ISO, min shutter speed, typical ISO configuration in AutoISO. Nice to have.

I personally think the Fast prime selection is excellent on the Fuji. I have both the 23mm and 35mm which are both f/1.4 (35 and 50mm equivalents). Of course you can get the Zeiss Touit 32mm for both the NEX and Fuji if you like that better. Not sure what focal length your most interested in. Also, happen to think the XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 is a great all around lens but you would have to have "big" pockets for that.

I currently have both and X-E2 and X-E1 so I leave the 18-55 on my X-E1 and use primes with my X-E2. You could also look at the pancake lens, the XF 27mm f/2.8. Very small and sharp. A 40mm equivalent. For me I like the ability to switch the lenses and pick the right one for the days plan. So I use the pancake on occasion or when I'm in town and just want something small. The medium zoom for walks in the woods and general flexibility and the primes for more serious work or when I know I will need the speed or the shallow DOF.

Low light performance I think is also excellent in my opinion and was one of the prime reasons I chose the camera. That said I don't know if the NEX-6 is an less up to the challenge. Don't have enough experience to make that judgment.

Focus peaking I think is better on the Sony's but we hope Fuji will make another firmware upgrade to enhance it. Finally for me, having to remember how the control wheels worked in the different modes is what turned me of to the Sony NEX family. I like the real aperture ring on the lenses and the shutter speed dial.

I think the Fuji with 2 primes (14mm and 35mm) wins hands down for me, except for the size and cost issue. How much larger will the Fuji + either prime be compared to my NEX + kit/prime? Will I able to fit the X-E2 + 14mm/35mm into a large-ish pocket?

The X-E2/35 will be bigger than your NEX 6/35 and the 14 is noticeably bigger than the 35.  I don't consider them pocketable in any way but some people might.   The NEX 6/16-50 is about as big as I would go if I planned to carry it in a pocket.

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