If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: Two options for you

ericN2 wrote:

.. but since I have my beloved GX1.. which I firmly believe is every bit as good and capable to me as the new GX7 which contains nothing extra that I feel I truly need or justifies the hugely extra cost in UK at least.. I don't like Touch Screens (which is on the GX1 anyway..but shut off now..) nor EVF's when I have no problems in fully composing all I shoot on the GX1.. this new one is again hugely expensive and over-priced in UK.

The GM-1 does have the benefit of a very small compact size but with all the general M4/3's attributes - isn't it the case that one of the main benefits of M4/3 is the capability to choose your own camera body AND lens(es) to go with it - why should we HAVE to buy a lesser quality lens on the GM-1 to acquire the Body, for the benefits that does give...

Sorry Panasonic - but I'm not a customer at this time ...

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Staffordshire, UK

First of all, there are countries where the GM1 is sold body only. Here in the Netherlands you save 100 euro by buying the body only GM1 instead of the GM1 +12-32mm lens.

The other option is that you buy the GM1+lens, and sell the lens. I am sure that it will give you at least that 100 euro difference as a selling price, as the lens is on many peoples list, and not yet sold separately in many stores. The stores that do sell it, ask 300 euro or more. So if you are willing to take a bet, you might even end up with a cheaper body than the normal body only price...

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The GM1 must be selling well if they're only discounting 100 euro for the split kit... Or are those body only kits original from Panasonic? I'm one of those people looking for the 12-32 (for my GF6), tempted to buy it for $320 on Ebay. I'm sure if the OP sells it for slightly less than that he'd be rid of it in a matter of days and would end up with a GM1 for $450-550 (about what I paid for my GF6).

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