NEX-6 vs. X-E2

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Re: NEX-6 vs. X-E2

Clayton1985 wrote:

Shooting jpg and wanting fast primes is right in the Fuji X wheelhouse but I think it would help if you could provide a few more details. You say pocketability is important - are you ok with a larger zoom or are looking to go all primes and not replace your 16-50 zoom? Also, what prime focal lengths are you planning to use? And do you value the OSS in the Sony 35 (I don't think the Fuji prime will have this)?

I am ok not replacing the zoom. If I got the Fuji, I would go for the 14mm (or 18mm) and 35mm as 2 primes, and maybe the 27mm (although I have the X100 to cover that focal length). I don't value the OSS that much, its just nice to have I guess.

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