If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: Don't underestimate the quality of the 12-32 lens

eastvillager wrote:

Nice test thanks. As for the OP. If you think the GX7 is too expensive or the GM1 should come body only thats great but who really cares. This gentlemans test adds something to the mix and our understanding of photography and photography equipment. The trouble with much of this forum is it's whiners who have nothing to add to dialogue.

Well..if THAT's your attitude then I've certainly nothing more to say to you..  but it SHOULD be the case that manufacturers take at least some notice of prospective buyers thoughts..  we ARE these days a lot more in a Buyers Market than probably for many earlier years..money is tighter and in UK at least, Sales have to be earned right now.. and forcing prospective Buyers to pay a very high price for something which includes a chunk of value that is NOT needed by choice..is not the best way of going about it.
You carry on with your own little World of how it should be... but very many do consider just WHAT they are getting for the price they are asked to pay - and if it's not right.. a purchase is not made.
It's NOT whining..it's constructive thoughts and hopes as a BUYER .. any Manufacturer that ignores that nowadays does so at his peril.. we are not all 'made of money' ..

Tom Axford wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

- why should we HAVE to buy a lesser quality lens on the GM-1 to acquire the Body, for the benefits that does give...

Staffordshire, UK

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