If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: Don't underestimate the quality of the 12-32 lens

Tom -

Trouble is .. it's all relative of course.. to our own desires I suppose.. but I just don't feel the 12-32 is MY sort of lens ..  and as said before..I've already got the lenses I want and find exactly right for ME..I just don't want to pay the extra price for having a kit-lens ..  it IS of course the case.. and I'm sure it applies here..kit-lenses are invariably only put on so the item makes a whole usable camera..or many would likely not buy the Body only.. In UK this GM-1 WITH the (unwanted) kit-lens is incredibly high price really.. take away the lens and maybe the 'Body only' price would be a bit more attractive...but for me right now..it just isn't .. if I HAVE to buy a chunk of what I don't want.

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