Who is using the 20mm f/1.7 lens on their GM1?

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Re: Who is using the 20mm f/1.7 lens on their GM1?

I guess I'm bass ackwards... I'm using the 20/1.7 on my GF6 but I really want that 12-32mm to complement it, even though the new 14-42mm kit zoom is really small (barely larger than the Oly 45mm) and hardly telescopes out...

The 14-42 is still not pocketable in the way these pancakes are, and the GM1's kit zoom is usefully wider. If I'm making room in my tiny bag for any larger lenses it's either my 45mm and/or a future 9-18mm. The 12-32 & 20 can free you up from even carrying a bag tho.

Originally I was set on buying the 14-42 power zoom but the wider focal length and zoom ring on the 12-32mm sold me... I'm just waiting for it to be officially available stateside, though I'm losing patience and I've seen it on Ebay for $320 (split kit) which is mighty tempting.

I think that's $30 less than Panasonic intends to sell it for... Has anyone had issues with it extending out by itself while in a pocket or anything like that? Just curious, only thing about it that worries me a bit (long term, specially if I buy it without a US warranty).

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