Some dramatic black and whites

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Re: Some dramatic black and whites

Gompie wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Hello Gompie

I think that the images would actually be a little bit stronger if you were to tone down a bit ( not remove it all , just reduce it) the sepia effect which is not suited to all the pics anyway

Just my opinion


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Thanks Harold,

I'm going to give it a try. Could you please tell me which ones aren't suited for sepia?
Maybe a quick reply in a few words on when to use sepia and when not?
For example, people, landscape or photos with a lot of contrast or not.
Based on the subject or based on the type of photo.



Hello Ruud

Thank you for the reply. First, I want to say that there is no " absolute rule " about when you to use sepia or not , or even how much toning should there be. It is ALWAYS the photographer choice

also keep in mind that people who are responding to this thread are viewing images on computer that may be calibrated differently so they do not necessarily see the same level of toning or contrast

Secondly if you were to present these images together ( like in a gallery for instance) you are better off having a consistent tone across the series even if individually some images in the series may not "need " the toning ( I hope I am being clear)

with all of that in mind I would give you my opinion. I think image EIGHT ( and also 5 to a lesser extent) is in a completely different mood than the others. It is a funny shot and a keeper but in my mind , not going with the others and not needing the sepia tone

and by the way , you have several good images ( 1, 2 , 4 , 6) but number one is my favorite


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