5D3 meets A7r

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Martin Muehlemann
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5D3 meets A7r

I tried to make some comparisions between the two on a non scientifical level.

What you can see immediately, the size.

Next I was thinking on how the autofocus would perform. Well, for this we really need to compare apples and apples. This means put 5D3 in liveview mode.

Focusing the same subject, in a dull room, only one window, the 5D3 takes 2.21sec and the A7r takes 1.18sec.

OK, that was for CDAF. No lets see what PDAF does

For this test I put on the LA-EA4 and the 16-35Z SSM and put the 5D3 back to PDAF. Both on the central cross sensor. The A7r takes 0.83 to 1.01sec while the 5D3 takes 1.22 to 1.34sec

I have run the test a few times and I have put here the ranges of the best and worst result.

Third test, how would the image quality be. The 24-70 is one of the highest rated Canon L lenses. To make a fair test, we turn IS of that lens OFF.

Now here is the image comparison and 1:1 view

I have no 50L right now. But having had that lens in 2012 on my 5D3, the FE55 is so much better

I don't think the 5D3 is so much faster in AF. I don't think that the A7r is specifically slow. I will retest if I get my FE 24-70 on Jan 29th.

Low light focusing is not bad at all with the A7r. And looking through the viewfinder of the A7r is even easier in almost dark environment to find the subject to focus on. The viewfinder of the 5D3, being an optical one, is really dark.

5D3 has no really good live view autofocus. CDAF of the Canon is really not suitable for most applications. Thats where the A7r really shines.

Sizes and weight, I think, speaks by itself.

IQ. Personally I think the A7r outresolves the 5D3.

So why for me I keep the 5D3. Two reasons. There is a big airshow in Switzerland this year. Tow weekends, 4 days of military airpower. While LA-EA4 does well with regular civilian airliners, it simply cannot cope with the speed of an F/A-18 passing at 450 knots. Servo-Mode (AF-C) of the Canon is so much better.

Battery life. My 5D3 battery last for 1400 shots. My A7r for roughly 250 in airplane mode.

For now I am keeping both. Best of breed



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