Nikon 50 1.2 Ais 6 months in use

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Nikon 50 1.2 Ais 6 months in use

Hello everyone.

Here is a followup on the post I did earlier, where I tried to find some experiences on using Nikons classic 50 f1.2 lens, and a very short review on it too.

Basically what I set out to find was a new focal length after using 35 for so long on anything personal. 50 seemed like a good choice, and heck, why not go for the fastest possible while I'm at it?

I'm glad to report that once the new perspective settled in, I'm getting used to think in fifty. It suits my needs fine, and it is very diverse in both landscapes and portraits. The extra 15mm does wonders in compression, and I can take a portrait fairly close without distorting subjects head to look like a horse.

Manual focus however doesn't do me any good in weddings and events. I tried a few times to cover a reception with this lens, and while the results are acceptable, I won't trust it. Or, let's say, I won't trust myself. I feel that AF-lenses can produce better results for my client's so I won't be taking any chances with this one.

Also on the minus-side:

Lack of clarity wide open

Significant field curvature

Soft soft soft, until f4


Comatosed! Like, badly.

HUUUUGE flare, this however will also work for you

Stupendous amount of vignetting wide open

And on the plus side

It has that character, which makes an image go "pop".

Fun to use

All the minus-sides can be corrected, alltough I usually don't.

And well, I really don't care about the bad sides, since I don't use it for any work, unless I am asked to, I'll show it in a second.

Well, Getty seems to think this lens suits commercial photography fine, since they have been snatching images from my flickr-account when I started posting.

So there it is. I love this lens, beacause it's fun. But it would frustrate me on anything else but studio shooting or video use. I know great many use the lenses minus sides to their advantage, and power to them! I just think it's too much work, I'll get the same results using 50 1.4/35 1.4.

Here are a few images. And a few more can be found from my stream. Though not many, too busy to upload.

Anyway, just wanted to share that the lens is fantastic in it's own way. Take note though, that all the minus characteristics disappear at f5.6. But then, why buy an f1.2 lens if you stop it down so much?

Kind regards to community


This was specifically asked of me. And boy it's soft.

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