Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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What is a fanatic?

Ontario Gone wrote:

Lets not confuse brands with formats though. Apple vs IBM is not the same as reflex vs mirrorless. What if Nikon and Canon unveiled a brand new mirrorless to replace their DSLR lines, tomorrow, and never made another DSLR. Then what?

I think the problem is some people, maybe you, are in support for a particular brand and that brand just happens to be pure. So you think you are supporting a format, since Canikon is very much a pure DSLR segment, but you have mistaken a brand for a format. This isn't about going from apple to IBM, it's about going from pencils to computers. This is beyond a brand, and all brands will eventually succumb to mirrorless. Canon Nikon and Pentax just happen to be taking longer than the rest.

A fanatic is someone who can't accept the validity of a different view. Can I quote you?

"...all brands will eventually succumb to mirrorless..."

You're completely sure that MILC is the next big thing. Therefore, DSLR must be doomed. What about hybrid VF alternatives?

At this time, it sure looks like Canikon know what they are doing. Eventually, Canikon may offer serious MILC systems. However, nothing is certain except what today's numbers tell us.

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