Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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Re: Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

There are two functional advantages at stake when discussing mirrorless vs reflex. On the side of the DSLR, you have dedicated PDAF for superior predictive tracking. You also have a VF with no lag, so erratic subjects will be exactly where you see them at. Those are the only two advantages to having a mirror present.

For mirrorless, you have an EVF which gives you visual aids that a mirror system cannot. Peaking in the VF, real time exposure, ect. Any electronic aid that can be integrated into a screen can be put to your eye. The second thing is reduced vibrations. This is very helpful when trying to pull every bit of detail out of a shot, and slower SS will benefit more.

So there you have it, two differences for each side. Autofocus and visual interface. Now, when on-sensor PDAF catches up, or even when CDAF catches up (i personally think CDAF will be the best eventually), one of the two main advantages of having a mirror is gone. When EVF screens improve to the point where response time is a non factor, the other advantage to a mirror will be gone.

For now, one is better for fast motion, the other is better for the rest. Eventually, getting rid of the mirror will be the better choice in every way. It isn't here yet but to deny that it will be eventually is dishonest. It is only a matter of time, mirrors will be a niche market only for people who don't mind using an inferior system because it brings back memories, similar to what film is now.

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