How to shoot with manual lenses on the A7/r?

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Re: How to shoot with manual lenses on the A7/r?

osv wrote:

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Carsfeverguy wrote:

Great reply. I am falling in love with this camera.

And the Leica lenses are just yummy.

Any way to only press once and get into focus magnification?

Good for you. I'm beginning to hate mine. It's not the body that annoys me, it's the firmware. All the things you criticise and more where already solved in the NEX 7:

- when you attach a lens without aperture control to the NEX there is no blinking F. It just says "--"

irrelevant nit-picking.

That blinking F draws attention and warns you that there is something wrong. Just like a blinking iso symbol warns you that the system can't go higher or lower on iso. The thing is, there is nothing wrong with the aperture. Its just not there. A design flaw in the UI!

- zooming with one button click is no problem

don't need it.

I adapted to first move to the desired part of the pic and then zoom in too. Nevertheless there are enough people out there who want this feature and it's gone.

- there is no annoying air plane symbol in the pictures while reviewing with exif information

never noticed any such problem.

Turn airplane mode on. There it is.

- you can zoom the review picture comfortable with the command button and wheel

I wonder if things that are not on the a7 series aren't there because sony's market research revealed that most people don't care about it?

The placement of the zoom button is awkward. Period.

- native lenses can be used in Auto ISO. They even managed to screw that one up on A7r. 1/focal length is much to slow for constantly sharp pics with 36 MP at pixel level.

I have zero desire to use auto iso, i'd much rather use full manual control, i'd suggest that you learn how to do the same, your pictures will be the better for it.

Unnecessary fiddling with expose settings get's in the way of my composing. Stopped shooting slides and started digital for that.

I' very curious now what surprises a firmware update will bring. Can it get even worse?

yes, it could be worse, you could still be shooting on a nex-7, with it's kiddie-sized sensor, and the associated inability to use wide angle glass to it's fullest... among other things.

Still use love and enjoy my NEX 7. What a great little camera with a phenomenal sensor.

Here are some shots from that kiddie-cam, all ruined by auto metering ;-):

Maybe I am nitpicking here but it's the summary of all that "you can adapt to that" and "you can workaround like this" that annoys me. Especially when there are so many steps backward and so few steps forward regarding that never ending firmware story.

So don't mind and enjoy your cameras. They all deliver great pictures. From the first NEX 3 to the latest models.


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