The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: D is for Digital, F is for film.

Patrick McMahon wrote:

ravduc wrote:

Raztec, I think you should stop using the word 'cripple'. You find this camera crippled, I don't. What you do not seem to understand, is that by calling this camera 'crippled', you are in fact implying that we DF buyers don't know anything about cameras and have been ripped off by Nikon. This is where your comments become insulting. The DF is lacking certain features for you, but not for me.

I have seen people who are lacking legs ski down a slope better than many.

I reiterate, I love my Df - really, have it with me always - rediscovering my favorite hobby - in a new way... just very happy with this camera. <- It should be pretty clear where I stand.

BUT- I believe Nikon "limited" (insert "handicapped", "crippled", "no limitation" etc. based on your opinion) this camera with the autofocus and the shutter speed. I have come to this conclusion after shooting with it a lot.

I shoot 1.4 primes and yes I do want 1/8000, and it has come up. The AF should be 51 pt.

As far as developing the cramps, not understanding how to adjust the aperture, or being completely flummoxed that the dial may read a different shutter when in A mode - These I can't speak to nor comprehend from someone familiar with the camera/manual.

But the AF and 1/4000 are by definition limitations placed on me. They handicap my shooting vs. the D700. And as such it is not unreasonable for one to say that the Df is crippled. I could care less about a second slot, lock buttons, etc. But I want Nikon to address these 2 things in any future remakes... Yes, I hope this is a permanent line, that is how much I like it.


Well it's all relative to price.  I mean the D610 isn't called crippled with those same limitations because everyone understands it's because of the price point.  The Df's problem is it is priced at a level where you would traditionally get the 1/8000 shutter and 51 point AF.  On a camera that cost as much as a D800 having 1/4000 and the 39 point AF just feels cheesy and like Nikon was being cheap with the specs to maximize profits.

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