The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: Philosophy is Overrated?

philharris wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

kevingm wrote:

That said the Df is mostly a camera for people who are nostalgic for and/or romanticize the film days and want to (re)capture that feeling but don't want to mess with film or for people of the "look at me I'm using a REAL camera unlike all those posers!" mentality who with the Df can still feel superior without actually having to resort to using film or spend enough for a pretty good used car on a Leica.

It's great that you have figured out the reason the people who have bought a Df have one. I have that same skill. The people who bought the camera that you have did so mostly to feel superior to other camera owners. I don't have a Df, although I'm considering it. Since I have a 4x5, I already have the retro and nostalgic and romanticizing taken care of. I'm thinking of the Df mainly for the great sensor at half the price of the only other camera that has that sensor. I've got a D700, and I have no problem using it. I had 35mm cameras with dials, and didn't have any problem with those, either. I actually don't have a problem with you using the camera you like. It seems a little strange for people to insult other people for deciding that they prefer using different cameras.

LOL I was describing the market the Df was meant for not personally insulting anyone grow up.

Josh, if you can't understand how someone could feel insulted by what you wrote, then I would suggest you are the one with some growing up to do

Frankly if my mere description of the market the Df is clearly (at least  to anyone being objective about it)  meant for is taken as in an insult to someone it says more aobut them than it does about me.

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