Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

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Re: Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

Why I recomended dslt or nex with laea2 adapter. I used to own a nex 7, have an a7 and an alpha 58 so i have no bias.

So, my Nikon 1 V1 is kinda broken,

It took a little while, but I warmed up to the V1. It was small and I could carry it around easily. DSLRs tend to be bulkier, and I think I'd be more likely to take my camera out if I don't require a separate bag for it. That said, if there is a major difference in quality I'm willing to pick up a DSLR - I was looking at the Nikon D3200 (or 3300 once it's out)? Thoughts?

He used to own a V1 and would be willing to go dslr size for better quality. If you're expecting V1 af speed on the nex you'll be very disappointed. Although i'd say the nex easily matches the dslr in image quality. The nex with la ea2 though approaches the af of a dslr/dslt and can be removed when you need the compact form factor.

In total I'll have around $750 to spend. I may be able to purchase more accessories later down the track, but for the next few years I can only see myself grabbing a couple more lenses or so, nothing major. DSLR's seem to have more investment required, so maybe it's worth picking up the NEX now and a DSLR later when I'm in the position to?

Photos I Take:
- I'm new to this all. I pretty much just enjoy experimenting and playing around. I'd like to take photos of anything and everything if possible, but if I were to narrow it down...

- People. Full body shots, waist up, their faces, etc. Out in the daylight, or at parties, etc. I like photographing people. Not necessarily posed, so sometimes they may be moving, laughing, have a sly smile or be making silly faces for a second. If possible, I want to be able to capture those moments without it just being a big blur.

He only has $750 to spend. Just enough to get a used nex 6 and if lucky maybe a sigma 19. But for that price should be able to get an alpha 58 and a used sal 16-50 f2.8 or a tamron 17-50 2.8 or a sigma 17-70 2.8-4 with not much difficulty. With a f2.8 zoom you can get much faster shutter speeds for a much higher chance of a sharper image.

***I was playing around with a friend's mirrorless (Olympus, but unsure of the model) the other day while we were out bowling, and was frustrated at how long it took to take some photos. I missed some funny reactions, and taking pictures of someone mid-bowl was near impossible without it being a big mess. Is that a given for all cameras, mirrorless ones, or just that one in particular? Is it something I'll have to live with, or is the NEX ok with that?***

It really depends on the mirrorless model, how dim the lighting was in order for af to track. I believe the bowling alley that you were in was quite dim? For nex i believe once light levels go below a certain level you lose the on sensor pdaf and revert back to cdaf. On this situation a dslr or dslt with a fast lens would be much better. AS its a low light situation and the af needs to track the bowler and close the shutter with a high enough shutter speed. With your current budget its hard to recommend a mirrorless camera.

One thing I didn't like about my V1 was that while I liked what it produced during the day, the quality of the photos in low lighting wasn't that great, especially without a flash. The Nex-6 has a built in Flash, and I'd be able to buy one for the hot shoe if my circumstances allow at a later date.

- Scenic Shots
The horizon, a building, monument, palm tree on a beach, etc. I understand that this would probably be better with a specialised lens.

Would these be doable with the 16-50mm lens? At least for a little while? What should I look into picking up next?

You're not going to have problems with scenic shots in good daylight. In fact you can even get decent shots of that sort with an iphone. But to expect fast af tracking in low light and good low light performance with a 16-50 3.5-5.6 is setting up oneself for disappointment.

From the research that I've done, the Nex 6 seems to be the best Mirrorless Camera available within my price range that has a viewfinder. I've noticed the biggest complaint seems to be the lack of Lenses available, although that doesn't really affect me to be honest. Would it be better to just grab a Nikon D3200 or something instead? Is the viewfinder a big deal, would it be better to just downgrade to a lower end model without the EVF for now? I mean, it's nice and I'll use it if it's there, but I guess it isn't a necessity.

Viewfinder isn't a big deal on many situations. It does help a lot when shooting outdoors in bright daylight and reviewing images in bright daylight. After having owned a camera with a viewfinder, its something that i'd prefer to have.

Yeah, if you're just able to chip in with your experience or suggestions at what I should look into, even if I haven't mentioned it yet that would be great. Especially about taking photos, as I have listed with the NEX(-6) or a beginner DSLR such as the Nikon D3200. Tips, tricks, etc. are appreciated as well. I look forward to (possibly) joining your community!

I won't go for a nikon at this point of time especially if you're already used to shooting with a mirrorless. Liveview on the nikon dslr isn't very good. With an alpha 58 you retain the shooting experience of a mirrorless camera with of course the unfortunate addition of the bulk. However you get fast af, decent af tracking and much cheaper fast lenses.

If you had the budget i'd recommend the nex 6 with the additional adapter. You can use the native lenses if you dont need the af performance and want a compact camera. However the dslt alpha 58 would be my recommendation at this point of time.

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