Canon 5D MKIII has a green cast/tint

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Re: Canon 5D MKIII has a green cast/tint

Rich Holland wrote:

Quick background: Over the course of the year I have been shooting with 3 different 5D MKIII's. I have also been using the 5D MKII and a 550D. I always shoot RAW and the subject-matter I photograph varies from building interiors to landscapes. I process all my images in LR5 - I recently upgraded from LR4.

I have found that the images produced by the 5D MKIIIs have a very distinct green cast when I increase their exposure during post processing. This cast also appears when I bump up the shadows. The images produced by this camera always seem to have a very subtle green cast, which doesn't really bother me because I can work it out in LR. However, the intensity of green magnifies significantly when I am dealing with an image that is underexposed - even if it's just a bit. The intensity of the green is very pronounced and impossible to get rid of unless I want to affect the entire image.

I have found this to be the case for every MKIII I have worked with and have never experienced this issue with any of the other previously mentioned cameras. I don't claim to be a guru when it comes to colors and profiles, but I am thinking there may be a profile I can download that will resolve this?

I have found other 5D MKIII owners to experience this same problem, but have yet to locate a solution - if there is one. I am at a loss. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

For demonstration purposes, I have included two versions of the same underexposed image. One is the original and the other has had its exposure increased in LR5:

Original underexposed image

I bumped up the expose by 2.55 in LR5

What happens if you readjust the white balance? And +2.55 is a hell of an adjustment if you're doing it on anything like a regular basis.

Very unusual though, I have to admit.  Have you tried doing a similar adjustment in CPP (or another RAW editor) to see if its software-specific or definitely the file itself?

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