How can I stabilize my NX1000 shots without an IS lens or a tripod?

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Re: How can I stabilize my NX1000 shots without an IS lens or a tripod?

derosash wrote:

Hi everyone,

I love my NX1000. It hit the right price point last year and came with more than enough features for my needs.

However, I've never been able to take a perfectly sharp picture with it. Everything looks fine on the LCD, but after zooming in (using GIMP, IrfanView, and Samsung's Viewer), things just seem blurry. Shaky. Still objects, like leaves and trees, have a ghosting effect. This happens even in "smart"mode. Does anyone know how I can stabilize my shots while in the field?

What seemed strange to me is that I've never had this problem with another camera, from an older Nikon D80 without IS (not mine, sadly) to basic point and shoots. I must be doing something wrong with the NX1000.

So far I've tried every combination of shutter speed/aperture/ISO I can think of. I've changed lighting, using flash, bounced flash, outdoor lighting, muted indoor lighting...I think you see my point. What am I missing?

I'm currently using the 20-50mm kit lens. Would another lens be helpful here?


Your complaint seems to point to a hardware issue, specifically your lens.

Your comment about ghosting raises the possibilty that you use a filter (UV, etc.), which has a filmy transparent sheet of oil/grime/dirt over it.
If not then maybe your lens does.

This happened to me with one big invisible fingerprint smear.

Google the best way to clean your filter and lens and then re-test your camera.

If all else fails, then maybe your camera is telling you it is time for a good physical check-up.

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