The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: D is for Digital, F is for film.

dread_tai wrote:

ravduc wrote:

Raztec, I think you should stop using the word 'cripple'. You find this camera crippled, I don't. What you do not seem to understand, is that by calling this camera 'crippled', you are in fact implying that we DF buyers don't know anything about cameras and have been ripped off by Nikon. This is where your comments become insulting. The DF is lacking certain features for you, but not for me. I know just as much about cameras as you. I have been using them for almost 40 years.

I really think that the DF was aimed at a specific type of photographer with specific needs. Imho my purchasing of this camera will have no impact on the variety of cameras that will be offered by Nikon in the future. They will continue to make cameras like the D4 or D800 and will cater if need be to buyers like myself. Nothing wrong with that!

i simply cannot understand how ANYONE can feel "insulted" by the words of someone who is a complete and utter stranger to all of u. i don't understand how anyone can allow someone's views on a camera, regardless of pro or con, to have such personal emotional effects on someone else. why do U or anyone else care what Raztec or anyone else has written here or elsewhere, to the point of u feeling "insulted"? if u don't agree, and believe the comment(s) do not pertain to u, then so what?!

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: some of u take this place, et al, and your "gear" way too serious, and way too personal. your gear is NOT your spouse, your gear is not your parent, and your gear is not your child. so quit acting so emotional and up in arms over an OPINION by someone else. this is the INTERNET, and not your "real" world, or at least i hope not.

enjoy what u have, for whatever reasons U HAVE, and what does it matter what someone else thinks?

Yup - never understand how people can be offended hy the rantings of strangers either!

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