X100(s) and X-Pro1 owners, what is your usage ratio between OVF and EVF?

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Re: X100(s) and X-Pro1 owners, what is your usage ratio between OVF and EVF?

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pavi1 wrote:

100% EVF.

You have no indication what is being focused on with the OVF. It may be the subject or the background.

There's a focus box as well as a distance scale. The focus box is good enough on it's own, but if used in combination, you will nail focus every time.

I see the green focus box and the distance scale. But how do you now if the focus is on your subject or the person 1 foot behind. I like to see my subject in focus before taking the picture and then getting home and finding out the focus is on something else. This happens too much with the EVF, I can only imagine how much it must happen with the OVF.

If your subject is let's say 6' away, then even at f2, your DOF is going to be well over 1.5'. So the person you're taking a photo of as well as the person 1' behind will be in focus. At 6' or closer, a persons face will also cover the entire focus box, so there shouldn't be much question as to weather or not you focused on the person right behind them. As your subject moves farther back, your DOF increases dramatically. At 10' you get almost 5' of DOF. So even if you do hit the person 2' behind, your subject will be in focus. If you raise your f stop to 5.6, at 10' you get around a DOF of around 20'. This is the point where you can set your camera to MF at these settings and shoot all day without touching your focus... thus the beauty of zone focusing.

The real issues come in when your at f2 and your subject is around 10' away with only half the focus box on their head. That's when your distance scale comes into play. It's not much of an issue if you miss and hit something a foot or so back, but if you hit something 5' back your subject will be OOF. If you're having a hard time seeing what's at 6' or 10', take a quick look at what the average head size looks at 10' and whenever you see it cover that percentage of the focus box, make sure your distance scale shows something around 10'. Another good way is to think about it in steps. Three steps for me equals about 7', four steps, just over 9'. It's a lot easier then it sounds.

The EVF or even the LCD is too small to see if something's in focus without magnifying. So you're better off using the distance scale there as well. Using a smaller focus box will also help if you're using the EVF/LCD.

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