Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Crop sensors are certainly obsolete

I personally never even bothered with the whole crop sensor thing.

I went straight from 35mm film to a FF.

For example Canons point and shoots make nice pictures but obviously not professionally.

Its really very simple:

There is no advantage to crop sensors whatsoever. They have always been a technical/budget compromise.

People don't like to hear this because they started to invest in crop lenses. You can't really use a real lens properly on a crop.

Manufacturers used crop equipment to provide good digital quality and make money which is fair enough, but 35mm has been the standard since the start of photo.

Physics dictate that lenses need to weigh a certain amount, so you can mostly just decrease body weight.

I like mirror less systems and a lot of cameras might drop the mirror system at some point but a lot of pros will still want a real viewfinder. So, hell no! FF DSLRS are certainly not obsolete. Its the other way around. They will start to put FF in cheaper cameras like they are already doing.

People who think this don't have a clue about what they are talking or are simply trying to get you to buy crop-junk.

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