SIGMA has no plan to make a mirror less camera, no FF, no DP zoom / PART 2

Started Jan 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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SIGMA has no plan to make a mirror less camera, no FF, no DP zoom / PART 2

This is the PART 2 of the already full thread "SIGMA has no plan to make a mirror less camera, no FF, no DP zoom" strated by Katate.

Dogonit Said :

I agree. Do you think they could develop a new, more compact line of lenses that have a leaf shutter built in? Or possibly mount a leaf shutter between the sensor and lens?

I do not know. But this could be a major innovation !! Since SIGMA is inhabited by the spirit of Bushido and that they read this forum... It might be a very good idea. All the problem is it will be a new line. It is very difficult to segregate a line of particular lenses inside a line of lenses.

So, if they go this way, what could be the SIGMA line after such a move ?

First, they will do it on SA mount only. This mean that you will not be able to use the SIGMA mount swap service to transform your SA mount in canon or Nikon mount. That's a downside for some consumers. OR ... they can manage to plug this leaf shutter IN the thickness of the SA mount (highly improbable). The leaf shutter should use the diaphragm of the lens or be very close.

In the Aizu factory, this segregation will be present too. That mean they need a special line only for SA mount. SIGMA actually build lenses and then plug a percentage of different mounts. So either they continue the traditional "normal" lines and build a new one inside the factory or they "sacrifice" the SA mount line. High gamble. We know that SIGMA know what they do with their money so it is improbable. Also, the price impact on consumer base will be increased, at best.

OR... they do what I said. They kill the SA mount line and provide it only on command. That mean, if they churn out a new lens and if you still use an "old" SIGMA DSLR, you can order your lens with SA mount. That is possible since SA mount represent a very small percentage of SIGMA lenses sales. Consumers base already owning SIGMA DSLR will not feel betrayed, all will be pink in Cherry Blossom Land.

Then come the serious business : Concentrating on new line of SIGMA cameras, the mix of all experiences and common sense, the high gamble, the innovation node (whe know that SIGMA can do it ... in fact they surprise us every time, it is part of the magic).

Positioning correctly the new line to be out of a very small niche market, attracting curiosity over the world, gain new consumers, gain even more credibility. Segregating the brand among other brand on term of quality, durability, seriousness and IQ.

¤ Let say that they can't, for now, build a sensor with electronic shutter. We will base our projection only on optic groups with leaf shutter ¤

The first step is design. A whole revamp of what we already see in SIGMA camera line. The awesome design of LasseS can be a start, even in APS-C :

There is many other design possible but this one look good IMHO, in the vain of the awesome Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod 2.

If this camera is usable only with a new line of leaf shutter lenses (who already exist with the actual DP's) no need of mirror and curtain. That's a big + because they already have the technology to build that. They just need to develop a big new line ala Fuji, but with leaf shutter, and that is actually possible.

They need to work on the sensor efficiency, as we already said, and even a sensor stabilisation system.

They need to craft a pluggable high quality EVF.

They need to develop SPP at a real pro level and sell it. The actual SPP for free, the PRO spp for some $.

They need to play with IR capability too and then come my old rough idea, the swappable IR/cleaner filter


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