If you could only select 3 lenses ...

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Re: If you could only select 3 lenses ...

Raymond Cho wrote:

Obviously cost is one factor as it is for most people. The other is that to limit the lenses so they can be used frequently so not to get a lens just in case the need may arise if that is considered then obviously it might be better to reduce the lens down to 3 or even 2 ...

So it produces a meaningful output that is substantial the viewers will notice when a finished product is presented. Like saying a zoom for portraiture of friends and family - fine but to add a fast prime. Would they really care much at all, this is no wedding stuff, it's just some informal gatherings which they probably don't want prints anyway and for myself it's just tripod landscape work / travel stuff.

It's travel and landscape. So not sports, wildlife etc .. And family and friends on the side etc.

No sports wildlife and only travel and landscape?

Well, then it's simple for me:

16-35 f4 VR

24-70 f2.8

80-400 f4.5-5.6G (new version)

24 f1.4

Edit - with the travel stuff so I guess heavier might not be that suitable when I am outside on foot most of the time.

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