The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: D is for Digital, F is for film.

lolopasstrail wrote:

I really like the experience of shooting with my Df, overpriced though it was. ...

But one of its best features it that it drives ordinary people nuts.

We're now starting to see an even funnier phenomenon.  Since their attempts to bash the camera have failed, and reports are coming in of people liking the Df very very much, instead of backing off the detractors have doubled down.

They now feel fit to psychoanalyze all customers of the Df.  The buyers of the Df are all this, or all that, and in any event more ignorant and less wise than I am.  We see it not only in forum posters, but in some famous bloggers, including a famous Nikon blogger just yesterday.

Df users who like their cameras and decided to keep them instead of returning them or selling them, are victims of their own self delusion because since they paid so much money they are now mindlessly enslaved by that expenditure and feel compelled to justify it.  Df users are unique in this, whereas if you use other model cameras you just like them because you are cleverer than those Df robots.

It's getting silly.  As more and more people enjoy the Df, instead of just admitting they were mistaken, they get more and more tied up with their previous statements, and for some strange reason get angry at foolish Df users.

From a distance, they seem to be somehow wrapped up in their own dogma.  I mean, why do they even care about some model they don't care about, why the sudden concern about the sanity of people who buy different consumer luxury toy models than they do?  It's....   odd.

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