Is your photography better with FF?

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I realized that after clinically shooting with my D800 for almost 2 years, then picking up a used Leica M8.

The D800 has superior image quality, no doubt, but the Leica is like stepping into Mr. Peabody's and Sherman's Wayback Machine, which forces you to rethink what you are doing from a whole new perspective.

It's the difference between taking pictures and making photographs.

I wonder if the original poster was really asking if full frame allows you to technically take better pictures or has it improved your photography?

A very subjective question, in my mind.

Sorry I'm so late in commenting but here in New Zealand its 77°F and I've been at the beach for two weeks.

Your comment took me back to my early days in photography. I had a real flash Praktika SLR but a friend lent me his twin lens reflex Rolleiflex. Looking down onto that ground glass screen taught me more about composition than anything I've used since. It really did force me to make photographs.

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