What Did You Shoot OR PP This Week? Week 2

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Re: What Did You Shoot OR PP This Week? Week 2

altima1 wrote:

By the way, i have been meaning to ask you about the exr modes on the hs50 that you use and the xs-1 that i am currently using. i saw in other threads that you seem to like the exr s/n mode.

Hi Altima1 
Yup - It's quite a Unique Sensor Level Hardware Configuration that PHYSICALLY DOUBLES the Pixel Site Light Collection AREA on a Per/Pixel Basis. . . On the HS50 You ONLY Get 8-Mega Pixels TOTAL Sensor Light Collection Sites but they are EACH Twice the Size of HR Pixel Sites or DR Pixel Sites. . .

in your opinion do you think there is much or any difference between shooting exr s/n mode or shooting in exr hr mode while using m for print size?

It Appears to Me the HR Mode has Heavy Filtering towards Black which Reduces NOISE but Also Reduces the Per Pixel Hardware Level / Dynamic Range. . . This is Needed because the Isolation & Noise Queotant at the Pixel Size of 16-Mp on a 1/2" Sensor Size is Significant.

It might help to take a look at the HS50EXR Tech Page for EXR Technology on Fuji's Website. . .

This Short Article on Pixel Binning will help clarify. . . http://lifeinmegapixels.com/blog/2012/01/pixel-binning-does-it-work/

I find a Fair Amount of Confusion about these Modes - I think mostly because they are Implemented in Hard to Follow or in Peculiar Ways. . .

For Example the ONLY Way to LOCK-IN the SN Mode on the HS50EXR is to. . .
1. Dial EXR
2. Menu Select SN Mode
( This Puts You in a Semi-Automatic Mode where You can Control Exposure but Not Specific Aperture or Shutter Speed - Shutter Speed Can Be Heavily Influenced by ISO Selection & Selected Exposure - It Works off Your Selected Metering Mode & Calculates the Parameters Needed to Meet Your Selected Exposure )
You then can select Up To 4:3 "M" File Sizes and or RAW which is an 8-Mp Raw Output
You Can Also Control White-Balance & Metering Methods ect. . .

This is the FASTEST Sensor Mode Available from an EXR Sensor BUT Is Highly Sensitive and Can Thus BLOW HIGHLIGHTS Easily. . . ( It Also has the Largest Per Individual Pixel Dynamic Range without using Software DR Technics but because of High Sensitivity ) Metering & Exposure Level are of Extreme Importance !

On the HS50EXR / Using EXR:Auto mode will Occasionally Select SN + DR 200 or DR 400 & Use the SN Sensor Mode BUT You ONLY Have AUTO-White-Balance and NO Metering Select-ability in EXR:Auto mode. ( This imho was a Poor choice by Fuji )

Assuming the HS50EXR Sensor is Similar in Operation with the X-S1 EXR Sensor then You should be able to Get Extreme Performance in SN Mode with a 6-Mp Max File Size. . . Which Would Be FINE by Me. . . So Give it a Try and Do Some Shooting Experiments and SEE If this Mode Performs Well FOR YOU. . . Best of Luck & Be Free to Keep Me Posted on YOUR Results. . .

Cheers from Orion 

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