SIGMA has no plan to make a mirror less camera, no FF, no DP zoom

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Re: SIGMA has no plan to make a mirror less camera, no FF, no DP zoom

katate wrote:

Here is an excerpt from a Japanese camera magazine.

In Kazuto Yamaki's interview, he said SIGMA is announcing a new camera in 2014, but FF Foveon is difficult because of the data size, speed, price, lens performance, etc.

It takes time to make a new sensor, so SIGMA will focus on improving the image quality using the same sensor. There used to be a lot of demand for the DP zoom, but after the DP3, less people want the DP zoom. Some customers want a wide angle DP0 or a 35mm DP1.5, so he might think about it.

Any finer-grained DPs and they'll just cannibalize their user base.  There's no way someone who would have bought a DP2 would get that and then get a DP1.5, and I doubt that someone interested in a 35mm equiv FOV is holding out for a DP1.5.  If you have a DP1, perhaps you would consider a DP1.5 over a DP2 (I would), but I also have a DP3, so carrying around three DP bodies doesn't excite me.

It seems to me that the current lineup is perfect in terms of FOV distribution.

The thing that's not perfect is responsiveness of any of the Merrill cameras. Use any of the competitor's cameras and you'll immediately bemoan the lack of focus peaking, write speeds, and video.  Sigma really needs to bring the DSP in-house and dump TRUE if they really want to be a master of their own destiny.  But this has been an issue for many years at this point.  I don't have high hopes in this arena.

He thinks improving the SD1 is more important than making a mirror less DP. He knows that many people want an interchangeable DP, but its priority is not high.

Mirrorless won't matter without the performance.

I just hope they take a page from Fuji's playbook and keep the Merrills refreshed with new innovations in firmware.


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