The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

Richard Murdey wrote:

It's in magazine format being sold on the magazine rack in [Japanese] bookstores, next to the regular issue of Asahi Camera magazine. And I've browsed through it. Trust me on this one: it's not an owner's manual, "owner's bible" is misleading: the best way I can think of describing the contents is "commemorative program". You might buy it if you owned the Df and wanted to read feel-good trivia about what an amazing camera it is. Or daydream about the amazing photos you will one day take with it. Need help setting up custom color profiles? Prepare to be disappointed.

I actually think that the primary marketing target for the Df is the aging Japanese businessman who is nostalgic for the Nikon's of his youth. For somebody like that, style *is* more important than function. High price? No problem! Everything in Japan is more expensive. Plus, this is going to be his "last camera". So, splurging is OK. This glossy magazine, on sale only in Japan, fits in perfectly with this idea. I bet they're going to sell a lot of Df's in Japan.

Of course, there is a segment in other markets that also finds it attractive - either for the retro design, the manual controls, or the D4 sensor. At this point, there can be no doubt that some people really, really like this camera. So, no matter how silly you might find the controls or how weak you find the feature set, I think we have to concede that the Nikon Df is going to be a marketplace success - at least in the short run. It won't be the camera for everyone, but it will sell well enough for Nikon to turn a nice profit on the project.

P.S. Thanks to the OP for posting this news item. This isn't something that we could have found otherwise.

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