Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

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Re: Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

I wanted good quality photos in regular and low light and the ability to swap to a zoom lens for my daughter's various events in auditoriums, gymnasiums, and football fields. Whatever I got had to have a viewfinder. I almost picked a DSLR several times but changed my mind after handling them in the store....too big for my taste. The GX1 was also tempting but no viewfinder and the Olympus was more than I wanted to spend at the time.

I ordered the NEX 6 the minute I saw it online. I had never held one but I had seen the other NEX's without the viewfinders at Best Buy. They caught my eye because they were small, APS-C, seemed pretty good quality but no viewfinder. The 6 seemed perfect.

The NEX 6 feels good to me and has met all of my expectations so far. The 55210 is perfect for what I need and the 1650 is very handy for everyday stuff. I also got the Sigma 30. I'm satisfied with the pictures I've taken with it and the more I use it the more I like it.  I use the viewfinder 90% of the time.

But nowhere in your post did I see you needed anything more than around 50mm. Have you considered one of the high quality large sensor fixed lens cameras out there? I've seen some amazing photos from the Sonys and Fujis with fast fixed lenses. Do you really need an interchangeable lens camera?

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