Inquiring again and looking for wisdom, from more experienced users.

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Inquiring again and looking for wisdom, from more experienced users.

Hello folks, after just a few months reading on DP and now getting comfortable asking advice I come before you again.

To refresh, I'm in my late 60s, and retired and making some last adjustments to "kit" and looking for wisdom and advice from those far more talented than I am. I have the two cameras D200 and D700, I'm doing research into lenses best for my uses with my D700, money as always the biggest issue, so lets start from the beginning. My favorite uses would be street, events and festivals some landscapes,going to car cruise ins, and just plain get out and "shoot" currently my D700 kit is a old 35 135 Nikon and then a 28 1.8 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 lens all "G" lenses so I'd like to retire the 35 135, and I have posted here on DP but I think I may over extend myself, I first was looking at either 24 120 and or 16 35 but those are pretty much out of my price range, and after much research I've been looking at the new Nikon 18 35? and adding it to my D700 kit. I have a Nikon 70 300VR I take it to the zoo once in a wile but I don't use it much, even thought of selling it.

So if someone is using the new version 18 35 G, I had the first back when it came onto the market I was using a N90s and it was just fine, when i moved to a digital D70s, I didn't care much for it so I sold it, now Nikon has re introduced a newer version, and from what i can find out and read, its much better, what do you think? It would be for my D700, and maybe get the new 35 1.8, and move the 28 over to my D200, I have used it that way and i do like it a [fov] of 42mm. Currently the D200 has a old Nikon 24 50 and my 85 AI.

I hope I'm including enough information that a reasonable reply can be made. I really wanted the 17 35 2.8 but cost and lets face it I don't really need that lens, my ego got in the way of reason.

So! I'm just a simple old Nikon shooter from way back, I've never been in a position to purchase real expensive equipment, my friends thought I'd "robbed a bank" to buy a D700, and I had second thoughts too. I'm not into the CA or MTF charts, folks I don't even know how to interpret them! I just go out shoot and allow the time to be my relief or outlet, and be by myself, I go out look at a scene and try to place the same in the viewfinder, and I don't print anything, any longer oh! maybe a 8x10 for my camera club once in awhile.

As you can see I'm just a simple shooter, and I try to make the most of simple equipment, so after boring the "crap" out of you the new Nikon 18 35 and your thoughts? as you can see I'm more of a nuisance to you good photographers, than a comrade.

But good info is helpful and I'm never to embarrassed to ask for info and ask a question even at my own embarrassment.

In the future I'll most likely be back and asking information on a new tri-pod? currently I have two both Bogens, a 3021 and a 3001,both are over 20 years old, and I'd like a new one.

"dog house riley"

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