How does todays digital camera handle this super cold??

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Re: How does todays digital camera handle this super cold??

I've photographed in sub-zero weather with everything from my old Canon F-1 (the original version in which the battery was only for the light meter - all the shutter speeds and everything else was mechanical) to a Nikon F5 and my current D700, and I've never had a camera stop operating. In theory, the more a camera relies on electronics and the less it relies on mechanical connections, the more reliable it should be in the cold. There's less to freeze up. I think that electrons will slow down with cold, but more like absolute zero cold, not the balmy -20 cold we've had here in Wisconsin this week. As others have mentioned, some care and preparation regarding batteries is all you need to keep shooting. That was true with film cameras as well. So put on a long sleeve tee shirt and wear some socks with your sandals and you'll be good to go.

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