The XPro2 may never come

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Re: The XPro2 may never come

hellocrowley wrote:

Looking at the new lens roadmap with tons of zooms and primes that don't work well with the OVF, I have a feeling the XPro2 may not come as the value of the OVF continues to diminish while it adds a nice chunk to the retail price.

Furthermore, a nice large EVF is becoming standard (the new Fuji body will sport one) so the hybrid viewfinder will have to be bigger, making the body larger and more expensive; there's a reason Olympus, Sony and now Fuji are putting it in the center.

Finally, Fuji themselves don't have any plan for an XPro1 replacement, they clearly don't see the demand. If they do release one, it will probably be limited in quantity and very expensive.

Personally I love the looks of the OVF, but I don't use it much so I'm fine with trading it with a large EVF.

To my way of thinking, the versatility of the XP1 is the strong point. It can take lenses that are suitable for use with the OVF - and it can take lenses that are not. In the first case you can use the OVF if you want to.

I don't see why the OVF has to be larger simply if the EVF is. Are we talking about more pixels in the EVF here? They could be at a higher density with the same physical size.

I am sure there will be a successor someday, but I'm not desperate for it, and it looks as though Fuji isn't either. What it will be like, we will see if and when it happens.

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